Frequently Asked Questions About Ocean Springs Web Designer

Q: How much does Ocean Springs Web Designer cost?

Pricing of Ocean Springs Web Designer varies with each person.

The reason for this is because we want to tailor to the needs of YOU and YOUR website.

At Ocean Springs Web Designer, we believe that every person should be treated as an individual human being, so that way you just don’t end up as “just another prospect.”

Q: Will you charge me for changes I want to make on my website?

A: No, we won’t.

This is something that makes us different from many other Ocean Springs Web Designers out there.

We won’t charge for ANY additions or changes that you would like to make to your website!

Q: How will I make money with a website?

A: Your business will profit with Ocean Springs Web Designer because we will follow this easy, step-by-step, procedure for optimizing your website for customers:

  1. Determine a word/phrase to target based on where your business is located and what type of business you have.
  2. Use a tactic I like to call the “brute-force method” to get your website to the First Page of Google (if you’re not on the first page of google, your website basically doesn’t exist).
  3. After this, now it’s time to mass collect people information using your website.
  4. Market to them about special things, discounts, or events (we’ll talk more about this in our FREE Private Session together) that are happening at your business.
  5. This will get people to buy your products or services, gaining you profits to reinvest in things other than your Marketing/Advertising Campaign.

Q: How will my website be made with Ocean Springs Web Design?

A: Your website will be made using the WordPress and hosting with Bluehost. WordPress is what we use to make your website. Bluehost is the hosting service for your website.

Q: How do I get a FREE Private Lesson with Ocean Springs Web Design Services?

A: You can apply for an Ocean Springs Web Designer by filling out your information below.

Q: How do I get accepted for Ocean Springs Web Design?

A: Only certain types of people can get accepted into our Ocean Springs Web Design Services. These type of people are business leaders who want LISTEN AND LEARN!!! My FREE Private Consultation will evaluate business leaders, like yourself, to see if you have this excellent attitude.