How To Build Your Business On The Go – Keysha Bass

How To Build Your Business On The Go – Keysha Bass

– Keysha Bass

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7 Quick Tips About Social Media Marketing – Ocean Springs Marketing

7 Quick Tips About Social Media Marketing – Ocean Springs Marketing

Do you have trouble with GROWING your follower base on social media?

Do you understand it at all?

Are you trying to grow your business over social media?

Here are 10 quick tips to get up and on your feet with your social media profile.


1. Post Everyday – St. Martin Social Media Marketing

Whether it be on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you have to be posting on your social media profiles EVERY SINGLE DAY.

No matter what.

You have to post every day.

I don’t care what type of social media you’re using, posting everyday is a REQUIREMENT on my tab.

2. Like Other People’s Content – Biloxi Marketing

Okay, so you’re posting everyday, but there’s a problem: no one is LIKING or ENGAGING in your content.

Here’s the reason for that: you’re not engaging in their content.

People are jealous.

They like it when their content is being seen.

They like to know that their content is being seen.

They like to know that their voice means something and that SOMEONE is LISTENING.

3. Commenting on Other People’s Content – Biloxi Social Media Marketing

Even if it’s just a, “That’s awesome!” or a “Looking great! ;D”, people love it when you do that.

People are glued to their phones all the time, so when they get a compliment from their phone, they will be sure to at least check out your social media profile.

This could result in you getting likes, or even better: follows.

Likes and comments are good, don’t get me wrong, but when someone follows you, they’re glued in and you will begin marketing your services to them until they BUY or DIE (which is the ultimate reason you should be posting everyday, as said in #1).

4. Monkey See, Monkey Do (The Bandwagon Approach) – Ocean Springs Marketing

Although it may seem like old-fashioned marketing, hopping on the bandwagon is still a thing.

People follow and do what other’s do.

Here’s a crazy experiment done by the TV show, Brain Games, on how willing people are to follow what other’s are doing:

It may seem absurd and crazy, but it is all real.

People follow what another person is doing, even if they don’t know what that person is doing it for.

This pack mentality can lead us to bizarre behavior, like believing the food at McDonald’s is healthy.

But, here’s what’s even better: this can be APPLIED to your business over social media.

5. Likes, Comments, and Follows Come Easier as You Grow Larger – Biloxi, MS Marketing

After you follow the basic steps of liking, commenting, and following other people via social media, eventually your profile will grow on its own, even if you don’t post everyday.


It’s like I mentioned above: Monkey See, Monkey Do.

Also, it has to do with the fact that since more people are following you, the platform (i.e. Facebook) sees you as valuable since plenty of people are following you.

This will have your profile popping up in their recommended section due to the fact that all their friends are following you.

6. Networking – Ocean Springs Marketing

The best way I can describe social media in one word is networking.

Everyone on social media has their own “friend group” that they follow and interact with.

When you follow, like, and comment on someone’s profile, this expands your influence into that person’s “friend group,” similar to networking.

Once a person follows you, you will start popping up in other people’s recommended section due to the fact that their friend is following you.

7. The Snowball Effect – Biloxi Marketing

Social Media Marketing is like a snowball effect.

Once you start rolling down the hill, nothing can stop you.

The only part that most people have trouble with is getting that ball moving.

The World Needs Better Social Media Marketers

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Fiverr E-Book Covers – Ocean Springs Graphic Design

Fiverr E-Book Covers – Ocean Springs Graphic Design

There are 3 Main Things that set this gig apart from every other gig on Fiverr:

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Have you ever just not had enough time in your life to get all the things you need done for your business?

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I know how you feel.

We all wished that we had more time on our hands.

But not all of us have that time.

If you’re looking for a fantastic Ebook cover that will pop out to your customers, no matter what platform they may be on, then I am the guy for you.

I make Ebook covers for businesses, so that you don’t have to waste your time finding out how to make Ebook covers on your own.

Simple as that.

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7 Best Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs

7 Best Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs – Biloxi Web Designer

Biloxi Web Design
Biloxi Web Design

Entrepreneurs have many different things that they do. As a web designer in Biloxi, I have many things that I do.

But if you ask a successful Entrepreneur what they really do, they might have a hard time answering!

This is because Entrepreneurs do so much in their daily lives that brings in profits, it’s difficult to keep track of it all!

For example, Entrepreneur Michael Masterson says in his book Ready, Fire, Aim that he has trouble answering the question, “What exactly do you do?

Here’s what he says in his book:

Then Harry leaned forward and asked the question I have been asked a hundred times in my career, the question I always have trouble answering:

“You know, I’ve never really understood – what exactly do you do?”

Click the picture above to order "Ready, Fire, Aim"
Click the picture above to order “Ready, Fire, Aim”

I can guarantee this much: if you were to spend 1 week with any Entrepreneur, say…Dan Kennedy, you would be surprised at how much they do in their daily lives.

You might even exclaim, “No wonder he’s filthy rich, just look at HOW MUCH he does!”

And you would be right.

So, today in this post, we’re going to go over the top 11 qualities that make up an Entrepreneur. Here’s a brief overview of some of the best qualities about Entrepreneurs:

  1. Consult to the Expert
  2. Action Seekers
  3. Hustlers
  4. Writers
  5. Perfectionists
  6. Delegates
  7. Savers

Keep your eyes peeled for those with these key qualities in those around you, for you’d never know if you had a Millionaire Next Door.

1. Consult to the Expert – Biloxi Web Designer

Many people have a false belief that they need to know the answer to every question in order to be considered “smart” it today’s age.

Many people also believe that a quick Google search can tell you everything you need to know in just a matter of seconds (don’t fall into the Google knowledge trap).

During World War I, Henry Ford was criticized by a Chicago newspaper, claiming that he was an “ignorant pacifist.”

Henry Ford did something incredible after this: he decided to bring a libel suit against the paper and put himself on the witness stand to testify that he was not, after all, ignorant.

When he got on the witness stand the attorneys gave him questions ranging from, “Who was Benedict Arnold?” to “How many soldiers did the British send over to America to put down the Rebellion of 1776?”

Clearly, as shown in the court case, Henry Ford didn’t know these questions and other, simpler, high-school questions that were asked of him.

Henry Ford grew tired of having to answer these questions, not knowing hardly any of them.

"If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses." - Henry Ford
“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” – Henry Ford

The questions grew more and more outrageous and irate that eventually Henry Ford stood up from his seat and pointed at the lawyer, saying these words:

“If I should really WANT to answer the foolish question you have just asked, or any of the other questions you have been asking me, let me remind you that I have a row of electric push-buttons on my desk, and by pushing the right button, I can summon to my aid men who can answer ANY question I desire to ask concerning the business to which I am devoting most of my efforts. Now, will you kindly tell me, WHY I should clutter up my mind with general knowledge, for the purpose of being able to answer questions, when I have men around me who can supply any knowledge I require?”

No one in the courtroom could answer this or argue with him on this point.

His point is something that every Entrepreneur can use in their daily lives.

Henry Ford didn’t have “all” the answers to the questions that were asked, but what he could do was summon anyone who did.

Find the experts in the field of business that you are pursuing, consult with them, and bring them into your daily life.

2. Action Seekers – Biloxi Web Designing

Have you ever had that feeling that you want to get things done?

Have you ever had that feeling of “big business”?

It’s a great feeling.

It’s in these types of moments that we feel the ultimate purpose of humanity: progress.

Progress is a great thing for humanity.

Walt Disney’s life was dedicated to progress. He even designed an entire city dedicated toward the idea of progress.

Let’s make sure he didn’t live for nothing. Let’s progress the world further each day and build our species to what it was meant to be: among the stars.

Change and progress are two different things.

Change is something that can be good or bad for the world. Change is something that happens on a linear scale.

Progress, however, happens everywhere. Progress can also be considered good change, but it sounds much better to call it progress. Progress isn’t, linear. Progress grows on itself; the more you have of it, the more you get of it.

"A little progress every day adds up to BIG results." - Satya
“A little progress every day adds up to BIG results.” – Satya

It’s kind of like the broken window theory. When you have one broken window, you are much more likely to end up with another broken window.

Just like broken windows, the more progress you have, the more progress you’re going to get.

Tip: Things rub off on other people. Once you get a large following behind you, it only has one direction: growth.

3. Hustlers – Biloxi Web Design

I get this feeling in the morning about money. Immediately, from the moment I wake up, I know whether or not today is going to be a good money day or not.

It’s a feeling that I can’t really describe and should only be felt.

What I can tell you though, is that it is linked to pace and tempo.

I find that when I increase my tempo for the day, thus increasing my pace, I make more money than if I weren’t to increase my tempo.

When you think about it, it really is just common sense and logic being pointed out, but what I really struggle to comprehend is why people don’t use it as much as they should be.

I understand that not everyday in your life should be spent doing work, work, and more work, but what I am saying is that work leads to success and you have to do a lot of it before you can make it to the top.

Maybe it has to with genes, maybe it has to do with the way I was raised. It might even be a mix of both. This is a nature vs. nurture psychology debate that has been raging on for centuries and will probably never end. (Nature is the qualities or genes you were born with, while nurture is the environment you were raised in.) Both sides have clear evidence, yet no side has completely won over the other.

This is why I like to accept a bit of both on the nature vs. nurture debate. For example, Tiger Woods started doing golf when he was only 3. He didn’t have a “talent” for golf, even though many people might say he does. What Tiger Woods had was an environment that stimulated growth in golf.

I am so convinced that anyone can become anything, that I’m willing to bet my life on it. Now, don’t get me wrong here, there are certain cases where genes can have an impact on whether or not you will be as successful in that particular profession. For example, there’s no 120 pound man who’s going to be playing NFL football, nor is there any basketball player that is going to be shorter than 6 foot. I’m not saying that these people couldn’t become NFL players or basketball players, but what I am saying is that it will be more difficult for them to do so.

4. Writers – Web Designers in Biloxi, Mississippi

You’ll find that many Entrepreneurs, especially the ones who are retired, have a fond tendency to write books about their struggles, failures, and achievements.

Some of these books are absolutely incredible.

Some of them have even left me in tears after reading them. No joke.

Changing my life and progressing the human species forward is a big deal for me.

I love humans with all my heart. We are all brothers and sisters. So, everyday, I try to make sure that I do at least one good thing for the planet. In the case of today, I was writing this blog post. I feel as though this has the power to change the planet.

In fact, I believe so much in my abilities and helping the human species, that I even give away a FREE Private Consultation to any business owner who asks.

There is one thing I can say: if you want to pose yourself as a successful Entrepreneur, and an expert at what you do, you have to write.

There’s a reason behind this that’s more than just plain credibility. It’s actually a psychological function. Humans, especially those in the information age, have become more reliant upon experts and there’s a legitimate reason.

Think about this: what was money to cavemen back then? Money, to cavemen, was catching (or growing) food. Over the course of thousands of years, this motivation to catch food has changed into money. Money is the new “food” for people today. The more money you have, the more you are respected for what you do.

So, to give you a brief summary, those you are experts at making money (or catching food in the cavemen’s terms) are considered “experts” in my terms.

Tip: Write to pose yourself as an expert in your profession.

5. Perfectionists – Web Design in Biloxi, MS

What’s the purpose of doing something if you’re not going to be the best at it?

I’ve asked this same question to so many different people and they’ve all come up with one conclusion: they don’t know.

This could probably mean a number of different things:

  • They’re lazy (nature vs. nurture issue)
  • They don’t know how to become the best
  • They lack motivation to become the best
  • They need inspiration to do things
  • They believe it isn’t required
  • They don’t want to put in the work
  • They really don’t know why

I really don’t know why you wouldn’t want to become the best at what you do. It provides so much beneficial things to your life, such as money, respect, and a stress-free life.

Oh, and by the way.

Anyone who says money isn’t everything, is LYING to you! If they had money and knew how much it benefits their lives, they would know that money CAN be beneficial to your life!

6. Delegates – Biloxi Web Designer

If you were to spend an entire week with a successful Entrepreneur, you would be amazed at how much you would learn.

Successful Entrepreneurs don’t just have one stream of income.

They have multiple streams of income.

This is why it can be difficult to ask most successful Entrepreneurs exactly “what they do”.

They have so many things that they do, it’s difficult for them to really point out one, particular thing, that rules over all of them.

In fact, even after spending only one week with a successful Entrepreneur, you may even say to yourself, “No wonder he’s so successful, just look at how much he does!

It’s no doubt that Entrepreneurs do a lot in their daily lives, but the real question is, “How? How can I get to this point?”

Instead of focusing on getting business cards, t-shirts, and making sure you get through all the legal matters for your business, you should be focusing more on getting that first sale.

Without sales, your business won’t survive.

The problem with most people is that they think that their product or service will work, when, chances are, it probably won’t. So what they need to do is refine their product to fit their customers, or find more-tailed customers.

7. Savers – Biloxi Web Design

One of the major problems in today’s society is that people focus too much on buying and not enough on saving.

With a new iPhone, TV, and shiny car coming out every quarter, it can be tempting for most people to want to purchase every new thing that they can get their hands on.

It might feel beneficial at first, but where is it really going to get you in life?

That’s right: it’s going to get you broke.

The whole job of a company is to try and generate as many sales as possible.

To do this, they are always coming out with “new” things.

Even if these things aren’t even technically “new,” they make them seem new.

You need to be doing this with your business as well.

Make your product seem new and you will see great changes happen in your financial life.

The next thing you need to be doing is saving, saving, and more saving.

When I was first starting up my web designing company in Biloxi, I realized that if I didn’t have income, there was no way I could run a business.

With the profits I made from my successful SEO jobs, I didn’t buy anything I didn’t need.

I saved the money for future use.

And believe me, it has paid off big time.

Get a FREE Private Consultation by an Expert in Biloxi Web Designing!

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Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing you at the top!

This post was written by J.R. Foster, the owner of Ocean Springs Web Designer. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!

Disney hits industry-first $7 billion at box office

Disney hits industry-first $7 billion at box office

After "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" dominated their debut, Walt Disney Studios became the first distributor in history to hit $7 billion in annual global box office receipts
After “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” dominated their debut, Walt Disney Studios became the first distributor in history to hit $7 billion in annual global box office receipts.

Mon, Dec 19 2016 CST

Los Angeles (AFP)

A huge debut for “Rogue One” has seen Walt Disney Studios become the first distributor in history to hit $7 billion in annual global box office receipts, it said Monday.

The $290 million worldwide opening for the “Star Wars” spinoff puts Disney’s haul for 2016 at $2.7 billion in North America, also an industry record, and $4.3 billion elsewhere.

It is the first year in which all five of Walt Disney Studios’ top brands — Disney, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm — have released movies.

“This historic achievement is possible because all of our film studios are bringing their absolute best to the table, telling great stories of all kinds that resonate with audiences across borders, gender and generations,” said Alan Horn, chairman of Walt Disney Studios.

“These films work because each one has not only something for everyone, but everything for someone. It’s our honor to be able to create these experiences for audiences, and we’re thankful to them for continuing to come out to the theater with us.

Even before “Rogue One” came out, hits such as “Finding Dory,” “Captain America: Civil War” and “Zootopia” ensured the studio had beaten last year’s record $5.8 billion by the end of October and was comfortably on track to pass the record of $6.9 billion set by Universal in 2015.

Disney has set several records this year, becoming the fastest studio ever to hit $2 billion domestically and $5 billion at the global box office, both in July.

It has not been entirely plain sailing, as “Alice Through The Looking Glass” and “The BFG” were deemed commercial flops.

Coastguard drama “The Finest Hours” also sank without a trace, with Variety magazine reporting that Disney was expecting losses of around $75 million from the film.

On the other side of the ledger, the studio had three hits in 2016 that passed the illustrious $1 billion global mark — “Captain America” ($1.2 billion), “Finding Dory,” ($1.03 billion) and “Zootopia” ($1.02 billion).

“The Jungle Book” made $967 million, while “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” which debuted in December last year, brought in $737 million of its $2.1 billion global take in 2016.

Those five films scored an average 94 percent rating on, which aggregates the reviews for all releases.

“Rogue One,” which is yet to open in the vast Chinese market, is expected to do better than all of these, although much of its global take will come in 2017.

Agence France-Presse

AFP journalists cover wars, conflicts, politics, science, health, the environment, technology, fashion, entertainment, the offbeat, sports and a whole lot more in text, photographs, video, graphics and online.

© 2016 AFP

12th YouTube Video

12th YouTube Video – Ocean Springs Web Design

10th YouTube Video

10th YouTube Video – Ocean Springs Web Design

Coca-Cola chief Muhtar Kent to step down

Coca-Cola chief Muhtar Kent to step down

Muhtar Kent was appointed as Coca Cola's chief executive in 2008
Muhtar Kent was appointed as Coca Cola’s chief executive in 2008

Fri, Dec 09 2016 CST

New York (AFP)

Coca-Cola announced Friday that chief executive Muhtar Kent will step down next year as the beverage giant confronts a tougher demand environment for soda.

James Quincey, Coca-Cola president and chief operating officer, will step into the top job in May, the company said. Kent will stay on as chairman.

Quincey’s background includes extensive experience in Latin America and Northwest Europe.

The move comes as Coca-Cola and rival PepsiCo face a rising trend of soda taxes in some key markets, including major US cities and Mexico. Soda sales have sagged, especially in Coca-Cola’s home market.

The soda companies have compensated for these trends by boosting sales for water and other non-carbonated drinks and, in PepsiCo’s case, boosting sales of snacks.

Quincey’s promotion was praised by Warren Buffett, chief executive of Berkshire Hathaway, a Coca-Cola shareholder.

“Muhtar has been an excellent steward of Coca-Cola’s business over the last eight years and I am thankful for the leadership he has provided,” Buffett said in the statement. “I know James and like him, and believe the company has made a smart investment in its future with his selection.”

Coca-Cola rose 1.2 percent to $41.49 in pre-market trading.

Agence France-Presse

AFP journalists cover wars, conflicts, politics, science, health, the environment, technology, fashion, entertainment, the offbeat, sports and a whole lot more in text, photographs, video, graphics and online.

© 2016 AFP

Samsung to disable Note 7 phones in recall effort

Samsung to disable Note 7 phones in recall effort

Samsung recalled some 2.5 million Note 7s in 10 markets following complaints that its lithium-ion battery exploded while charging, and then had to expand that as reports emerged of replacement phones also catching fire
Samsung recalled some 2.5 million Note 7s in 10 markets following complaints that its lithium-ion battery exploded while charging, and then had to expand that as reports emerged of replacement phones also catching fire

Fri, Dec 09 2016 CST

Washington (AFP)

Samsung announced Friday it would disable its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in the US market to force remaining owners to stop using the devices, which were recalled for safety reasons.

The South Korean electronics giant, the world’s biggest smartphone vendor, said 93 percent of Note 7 phones in the United States had been returned to the company after its recall earlier this year, which came amid reports of devices exploding or catching fire.

But to get any remaining devices off the market, Samsung said it would deliver an over-the-air update that prevents the phones from charging.

“To further increase participation (in the recall), a software update will be released starting on December 19 that will prevent US Galaxy Note 7 devices from charging and will eliminate their ability to work as mobile devices,” Samsung said in a statement.

The company recalled some 2.5 million Note 7s in 10 markets following complaints that its lithium-ion battery exploded while charging, and then had to expand that as reports emerged of replacement phones also catching fire.

As many as 1.9 million of the phones were sold in the United States, where authorities banned the device from use in airplanes and even from being placed in checked luggage.

Samsung said the latest move is “in cooperation with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and in partnership with carriers and retailers.”

“Since the affected devices can overheat and pose a safety risk, we are asking consumers with a Galaxy Note 7 to power it down and contact the carrier or retail outlet where they purchased their device,” the statement said.

Consumers are able to exchange their phone for another Samsung smartphone, or receive a refund.

Agence France-Presse

AFP journalists cover wars, conflicts, politics, science, health, the environment, technology, fashion, entertainment, the offbeat, sports and a whole lot more in text, photographs, video, graphics and online.

© 2016 AFP