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Below, is an excellent story describing the morals of Ocean Springs Web Designer, what we stand for, and what separates us from every other Ocean Springs Web Designer out there!

Ocean Springs Web Designer

John was a small restaurant owner in Downtown Ocean Springs, looking for a great website to reach a larger audience of customers.

But he didn’t know how to build a website.

So he began searching for Web Designers to help him create the website he’d always dreamed of.

He finally found one, called “The First Web Designer.” (See where I’m going with this?)

About a month later, John noticed something.

He noticed that he wanted to change a few little details on his website.

His font looked a bit weird for the website itself, so he wanted it to be changed.

He had updated his menu for his restaurant, so he wanted this to be added to his website.

To suit his new menu change, he also wanted to change the color of the website.

So, to get all of this done, he called his Web Designer, “The First Web Designer,” and asked for these things to be changed.

When John found out he was going to be charged for changing these small details on his website, he was furious!

He immediately opted out from the “The First Web Designer” and ventured on to find a new Web Designer that wouldn’t charge him for the little details that he wanted to change on his website.

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Ocean Springs Web Designer, “The Second Web Designer”

Eventually, he found a new Web Designing company, called “The Second Web Designer.” (Get it? The Three Little Pigs?)

Although “The Second Web Designer” was very expensive, John felt as though they were very professional.

“The Second Web Designer” allowed him to change the little details on his website, whenever he felt the need to do so.

John thought that this would be the last time he would have to change Web Designers, but boy was he wrong.

A year later, John was at the peak of becoming broke.

John didn’t know what the problem was.

His website was getting thousands of views, but the numbers didn’t seem to add up.

Then it hit him.

In those few moments he realized that although his page was getting plenty of views, his Web Designing company wasn’t converting those views into profits for John.

As he was with the Web Designer before him, John became furious that “The Second Web Designer” had ripped him off too!

Yes his website was getting a lot of viewers.

Yes his website looked fantastic.

But “The Second Web Designer” had failed to USE those viewers John was getting on his website to generate profits for John.

They had failed to collect the viewers information, (Email, Phone #, etc.) so that John could Market to them and get them into his restaurant.

They had failed to benefit John by getting those viewers to COME TO JOHN’S restaurant.

Without those viewers coming to John’s restaurant, John wasn’t making any money, and was thus getting robbed by “The Second Web Designer.”

Frustrated with what he’d gone through, John remembered something out of a book he had read once.

“When the World says, ‘Give up.’…

Hope whispers, ‘Try One More Time'”

John was a man who wasn’t going to give up.

He knew he could change his life around if he had a website that converted viewers into profits.

So, he ventured off again to find a Web Designer that personally suited him and his needs.

ocean springs web designer
Ocean Springs Web Designer

Ocean Springs Web Designer

Finally, after making many mistakes with his first two Web Designers, John found another Web Designer.

This Web Designing company was called, “Ocean Springs Web Design” and was tailored to suit him as a human being, and not as a statue.

Ocean Springs Web Design allowed John to change his website whenever he felt the need to.

They let him change his fonts, color, and anything else he saw that looked off.

And most of all, Ocean Springs Web Design did WHAT JOHN HAD HIRED THEM TO DO.

John wanted a website to reach a larger audience so he could make more profits for his restaurant business and Ocean Springs Web Design made sure he got what he wanted.

Unlike “The Second Web Designer,” Ocean Springs Web Design converted viewers on John’s website into profits for John.

Ocean Springs Web Design made sure that the viewers on John’s website got into John’s restaurant, sat down, and had a meal at John’s restaurant.

Since John had people consistently coming into his restaurant, John was making profits.

Finally thanking himself for not giving up, John was as happy as he could ever be, knowing he had made the right decision to obtain a website for his restaurant.

You can make that right decision for your business too by filling out your information below for Ocean Springs Web Design.

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