7 Quick Tips About Social Media Marketing – Ocean Springs Marketing

7 Quick Tips About Social Media Marketing – Ocean Springs Marketing

Do you have trouble with GROWING your follower base on social media?

Do you understand it at all?

Are you trying to grow your business over social media?

Here are 10 quick tips to get up and on your feet with your social media profile.


1. Post Everyday – St. Martin Social Media Marketing

Whether it be on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you have to be posting on your social media profiles EVERY SINGLE DAY.

No matter what.

You have to post every day.

I don’t care what type of social media you’re using, posting everyday is a REQUIREMENT on my tab.

2. Like Other People’s Content – Biloxi Marketing

Okay, so you’re posting everyday, but there’s a problem: no one is LIKING or ENGAGING in your content.

Here’s the reason for that: you’re not engaging in their content.

People are jealous.

They like it when their content is being seen.

They like to know that their content is being seen.

They like to know that their voice means something and that SOMEONE is LISTENING.

3. Commenting on Other People’s Content – Biloxi Social Media Marketing

Even if it’s just a, “That’s awesome!” or a “Looking great! ;D”, people love it when you do that.

People are glued to their phones all the time, so when they get a compliment from their phone, they will be sure to at least check out your social media profile.

This could result in you getting likes, or even better: follows.

Likes and comments are good, don’t get me wrong, but when someone follows you, they’re glued in and you will begin marketing your services to them until they BUY or DIE (which is the ultimate reason you should be posting everyday, as said in #1).

4. Monkey See, Monkey Do (The Bandwagon Approach) – Ocean Springs Marketing

Although it may seem like old-fashioned marketing, hopping on the bandwagon is still a thing.

People follow and do what other’s do.

Here’s a crazy experiment done by the TV show, Brain Games, on how willing people are to follow what other’s are doing:

It may seem absurd and crazy, but it is all real.

People follow what another person is doing, even if they don’t know what that person is doing it for.

This pack mentality can lead us to bizarre behavior, like believing the food at McDonald’s is healthy.

But, here’s what’s even better: this can be APPLIED to your business over social media.

5. Likes, Comments, and Follows Come Easier as You Grow Larger – Biloxi, MS Marketing

After you follow the basic steps of liking, commenting, and following other people via social media, eventually your profile will grow on its own, even if you don’t post everyday.


It’s like I mentioned above: Monkey See, Monkey Do.

Also, it has to do with the fact that since more people are following you, the platform (i.e. Facebook) sees you as valuable since plenty of people are following you.

This will have your profile popping up in their recommended section due to the fact that all their friends are following you.

6. Networking – Ocean Springs Marketing

The best way I can describe social media in one word is networking.

Everyone on social media has their own “friend group” that they follow and interact with.

When you follow, like, and comment on someone’s profile, this expands your influence into that person’s “friend group,” similar to networking.

Once a person follows you, you will start popping up in other people’s recommended section due to the fact that their friend is following you.

7. The Snowball Effect – Biloxi Marketing

Social Media Marketing is like a snowball effect.

Once you start rolling down the hill, nothing can stop you.

The only part that most people have trouble with is getting that ball moving.

The World Needs Better Social Media Marketers

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